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Recent Notables

  • Hayter | Reynolds has successfully negotiated and finalized a substantial settlement on behalf of our client on an over half million dollar construction claim, arising from subcontracted work performed at Barksdale Air Force Base.
  • After suffering a devastating fire that destroyed their entire residence and all of the contents, a client engaged our services. Immediate efforts were undertaken to prove the cause and origin of the fire and negotiate with the insurer for payment of the value of the home and its contents. Our efforts led to a multi-million dollar payment to the clients.
  • After the successful conclusion of a large real estate transaction for a client, the firm’s efforts led to a national grocery chain choosing a location on our client’s 100+ acre tract of land.
  • John Hayter, III has been appointed by the Louisiana Law Institute to serve as a special adviser to the Security Devices Committee in its revision of the Louisiana Private Works Act, which has become overly cumbersome and contradictory since its last revision in 1981.

Metro Leader - Shreveport Little League Comes Full Circle

Little did John O. Hayter, III know 27 years ago when he and his son, Jay Hayter were laying the sod on newly formed baseball fields for the highly anticipated Shreveport Little League Complex, that his grandson would be playing on these same fields.

A second generation of baseball loving children are learning Americaís favorite pastime on the fields that their fatherís played with the coaches being former Shreveport Little Leaguers coaching their children along with their classmates.

Being that the most popular movie at the time when the SLL Complex was being built with fathersí sweat equity was A Field of Dreams, the main theme of the movie ìIf you build it they will comeî was the mantra during construction, and boy did the children come. Over 6 thousand children were playing in the Shreveport Little League and surround areas Little Leagues by the time Mr. Hayter hung up his hat for the next generation. Now, back on the fields he holds so dear, he enjoys watching his son coach is grandson, Jack, and the memories that come flooding back such as the pink walls from the leftover paint in his daughterís room sported on walls still today and the flag pole he and his son dug together.

Proven to build bonds that last a lifetime, coaches Wes Kyle and Ryan Kirby grew up playing the fields they now coach on for their childrenís baseball teams - together. Both remarked at their amazement that the ball park is like a time capsule for them as the park remains the exact same as it was when it was first built. The same concrete bumpers, the same score boards, all familiar and bringing back a flood of happy memories for the coaches.

It is surreal to see how full circle this has come with my kid playing on the grass that I laid over 20 years ago,î said Jay Hayter. ìI run into guys that I played in the Little League who are now coaching or have their children playing out here - itís just neat to keep it going,î further explained Hayter.

To each of these coaches, baseball is meant to be a fun, safe place to learn how to work as a team and grow as a young person.

There has been a resurgence at the Shreveport Little League with Harrison Paint recently donating paint for the community care day at the ball park and many more work days in the works.

For a place that was built out of love, parents are putting time, effort and more love back into a happy place for their children to build those bonds that last a lifetime - just like they did.

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It’s About TIME

Everyone knows they need a will, but few people truly understand why it is crucial to have one in place. If this basic document is so essential, the question must be asked, why doesn’t everyone have one? Beyond the inherent discomfort of confronting our own mortality, the answer is TIME.

The necessity of creating a will is often ignored due to the frantic pace of our lives and limited free time. Ironically, those of us with the least time to spare are often the most in need of this essential document to protect our families and loved ones. The fact that we each have a finite amount of time before our passing is inescapable. Neglecting to create a will is gambling with the welfare of those we care for the most and creating burdens for them after we are gone.

In an ongoing effort to place the client first, Hayter | Reynolds has begun scheduling appointments at times most convenient for our clients. Whether it is after work or on a weekend, we are committed to helping you find the time to orchestrate your wills, trusts, living wills, and other estate planning needs. Call us and schedule your appointment, because it’s about time.


In an effort to support and promote local artists, Hayter | Reynolds has transformed our offices into a gateway gallery through a program dubbed BiZ-ART.  All original artwork displayed is for sale, commission free.

BiZ-ART also includes a free family-oriented event that is hosted within our office, featuring a new local artist every month. Catering by local businesses like Pita Pit, Wooden Spoon and Streetcar Snoballs are frequently present to provide refreshments.  During the event, the public is invited to attend the artist's showing and shop for local artwork. To date, over $10k worth of art has been sold by our participating local artists.

During the month of September there will be several acrylic paintings on display by local artist Lauren Ross Simmons, a Louisiana born artist, Shreveport resident. 

Lauren admits she is addicted to pop culture, fashion and color.  She mixes iconic figures of the past and present with fashions and fabrics of now, painting what she sees from some of the most famous designers runway shows.  Gorgeous textiles and "girlie" flowers are combined with edgy pop starts and icons to create true conversation focal points.  

Lauren works with acrylics and certain mediums on large canvases to create one of a kind pieces.  Her opening reception is set for December 13, 2018 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.   You can find out more information about what Lauren is up to on daily basis by visiting her Instagram page or Facebook page.